New Year, No Motivation

Here we are, one month into 2019. I’m sitting in the Starbucks in my hometown, waiting on the oatmeal I ordered and am sure they forgot about, debating if I really even care enough to go ask about it. I don’t have the motivation for that… let alone things I feel like I should want to do. Writing, finally getting active so I can lose the 25 pounds I managed to put on between graduating college and now, finishing the handful of shows I started watching, anything. More and more I just find that I don’t care or have the energy to care.

I know some of it is because I don’t want to do something half way. Hubby asks why I don’t sit down and blog like I want, I respond by saying I don’t have the things I think would make my posts as good as the ones my favorite Youtubers and Instagramers put out. I only have a phone to take pictures. I can’t splurge on all the latest things to review. We live in a small town in the middle of nowhere, Eastern North Carolina. My life is boring and no one would care anyway. Why do it?

If we moved to a big town, we would have events to go to and fun places to visit. If I got a second job, I could use that income to supply myself with content. If I got a better camera I could take better pictures. It’s always “if” and before I know it, a month has gone by and I’ve not done anything.

I’m still the same weight, my blog is still empty, and all I’m left with is regret that I let a month that I could have been productive with slip away. I fear that before I know it, I’ll have grown old and wasted my entire life on wishing I’d done the things I wanted.

So this year, instead of telling myself I’m going to write one blog a week or lose 5 pounds a month, or read 25 books before next year, I want to take it one day at a time and enjoy each day as it happens instead of regretting what I didn’t get done. I can’t promise that means I’ll post a ton, so I guess let’s see what happens.

Maybe my motivation will come back, maybe it won’t. But I guess there’s no use in beating myself up about it.

The Now Now Review

The Now Now Review

Gorillaz * June 29th, 2018 * Parlaphone and Warner Brothers

When Gorillaz, everyone’s favorite animated Brit alternative rock/pop/electronic hip-hop band, released Humanz in 2017 I fell back into my preteen obsession. I mean, full speed ahead, non-stop listening, buying ALL of their albums on vinyl (yes, I did get that red Demon Days pressing. No, I don’t have The Fall… Yet), immediately buying tickets to the closest concert obsession. Happy to report that I’m still riding that train, even happier to repot they dropped another album! Only a year later!

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Beauty Leftovers: 5 Beauty Products I’m Finally Getting To Know

Beauty Leftovers: 5 Beauty Products I’m Finally Getting To Know

Happy 2018! I hope that 2017 was everything you all ever wanted and more. For me, it was a year full of new and amazing experiences (which I will definitely be sharing soon) and I’m beyond excited to see what 2018 has in store for me.

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To New Beginnings

It’s 2018! Looking back on 2017, it’s wild how much happened in the last 365 days. Last year was incredible (and have no doubt, I will be blabbing all about it soon), but I’m banking on this year to be even better!

Included in that, of course, is this blog and the best way I could see to make things here the best they could be was to basically start from zero. I’ve had this blog now for over five years and every time I wanted to revamp it, what was already here made it too hard. All of my old posts have been archived and maybe I’ll find some way to rework them into the new C’est la Moot, but who knows?

Stick around and find out!

~ Madison