Review: YSL New Wave 181 LouLou Sunnies

I’ve been after these sunnies for over two years now. I can’t even recall where I first saw them, but I knew as soon as I did that I had to get a pair. While I know that sun protection is super important for your eyes, I’ve never really stuck with a pair of sunglasses because I wear prescription glasses and the styles I like aren’t available to put my prescription into. Designer sunglasses also have terrible resale value, so I’ve always hesitated to make that jump, but I am so glad I decided to treat myself for my birthday this year (and honestly, who buys things thinking they will sell them later down the line?). I purchased mine at the local Saks Fifth Ave but you can also find them on YSL’s website. The color ways change each year and season, so you can check online to see what the new versions look like if there isn’t one you love for sale currently.

The pair of LouLous I picked up are in a beautiful tortoiseshell and go with literally everything! Crazy enough, they also fit perfectly over my everyday glass, so I can wear them when I don’t have contacts in (which is pretty much 100% of the time). I know that that’s probably not best for their overall structure, but it makes them a pair that I can actually make sure to wear when I need to.

They’ve held up after spending hours in the ocean on a trip to the beach, being tossed in the soft case in my huge daily bag, and after being slotted over my glasses for the last six months with virtually no wear and tear. With the adorable heart shape take on cat eye frames, I would not hesitate to purchase another pair (there is this amazing Black and Havana pair available on the HK YSL site) and can truly see myself wearing these for years to come. They aren’t super flashy in terms of branding and can be worn casually or with a more dressed up look. My only con is that with the shape and the price point, I can pretty much guarantee that no eye doctor will attempt to put prescription lenses in them, but that clearly wasn’t enough to deter me from getting them.

Honestly, this pair of sunglasses is probably the best birthday gift I’ve managed to get for myself. They were a treat, are super stylish, but also super practical, so I count that as a major win! I can’t recommend them enough if you are looking for a usable splurge. What are some of your go to sunglasses? I love my LouLous, but am always down to change things up! Thanks so much for reading and see you next week.

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