2021 Wishlist

I really am trying to spend less this year, especially on random little things (because let’s be real, those little things add up), but if I am going to make a purchase, I want it to be more intentional and something that I will actually be sure to get lots of use out of. Some of these things will likely carry into next year, but if I’m good now and actually stick to my self imposed no buy, I’d really like to treat myself later this year.

This year’s list falls into a handful of categories: clothing, accessories, handbags, and around the house. You’ll notice that one category far outweighs the others but… that’s not what’s important!

Bottega Veneta Mini Jodie – I didn’t really pay much attention to Bottega Veneta until they released their dumpling shaped pouch bag. I do really love the pouch, but I don’t really see that being the kind of bag I reach for often and it’s massive. Not long after they released that, they dropped the Mini Jodie and I fell in love! I am a sucker for tiny bags, but from all of the videos I’ve watched about the Jodie, it actually packs a punch in the space department. They have this beautiful turquoise version, but let’s be real, I’d probably go for a grey or some other boring neutral.

Dior Saddlebag – I was too young when the original Saddlebags were en vogue. Carrie had one on Sex and the City, so you know it was the height of cool in the early aughts. You can still find “vintage” versions of the Saddle online, but Dior revamped the kidney shaped bag and rereleased it a year or so ago and I have needed one ever since. They do also make the Saddle in a miniature size, but due to the unique shape of the bag, it doesn’t hold a standard iPhone and that’s a must for any usable bag in my opinion (I’m looking at you, teeny tiny Jacquemus bag… what purpose do you serve?). I’ve put on so many outfits that would look so much better with a Saddle, so I look forward to the day I can make those outfits complete.

Chanel Gabrielle – I hated this bag at first. Despised it… and then I kept looking at it and it became the one Chanel bag I actually wanted. If you didn’t follow fashion you wouldn’t know it was Chanel because, unlike the classic flaps and a lot of the other Chanel bags, the only CC is on a pull tab that rests on the top of the bag. It’s got mixed metal on the chains and is just edgy enough to add some flair to a pretty chill look. The tough thing about the way Chanel releases colors though, is that from season to season there’s no way to guarantee the combination you prefer will be available if you wait. So who knows when I’ll finally grab one, but I do know I want a small chevron one in some kind of neutral.

Chanel 19 – Much like the Gabrielle, I hated this bag when it was released. I feel like a lot of people were into it simply because it was Karl Lagerfeld’s last new design before he passed. It reminded me too much of the classic flaps, which I will never be into, but once again – the more I stared, the more it grew on me. I think it offers the same feel of the classic flap, but the slouchy look and the mixed metal chain give it a more casual look. I also really like that it has the option of being carried by the top handle. They just released this incredible mermaid version, but… it’s probably going to be a black or gray version for me.

Chair A or B… that’s the real question

Kitchen Table – Our kitchen table is a workhorse. It was Misha’s kitchen table as a kid, so it’s for sure put in the work, but now it doesn’t match the theme I’ve got going for the rest of the living room/ kitchen. JnayDaily posted her new table from Lulu and Georgia and price be damned, I have to have it. It’s a round marble table on an antique brass pedestal. It looks substantial. It looks bougie. I’d be terrified of ruining the marble, but none of that matters. It’s the table for our space. All Modern does have a pretty close dupe if you want that marble on brass look! It’s still a little pricey (I’m still coming to terms with how much furniture costs), but you won’t have to sell all of your organs to get the look.

A set of Onsen towels – About a month ago, I noticed something strange happening to our Target washcloths. I don’t know if it is our washing machine suddenly hating us or the fact that they were like, $5 a washcloth, but they began to shred? It’s happened to all of them and I’m over it. The Onsen towels are modeled after Japanese quick drying towels that are super light weight and thin and they are made out of a woven cotton. Just like with the table, these towels ain’t cheap, but if they’re going to last me a long time and not get absolutely eaten up by my washing machine, I am willing to pay a little more for them.

Some of these things are more of a priority than others – I’d get way more use out of the homeware than a fluffy dress, but it never hurts to put all of your intentions out into the universe. I will definitely be posting about the few things I manage to snag off of the list and it would be a lot of fun to circle back and revisit it later in the year to see how we did! What are some of the must haves on your list this year?

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