Things I Hope I Love in September

Being quarantined has reminded me of the time I worked a four on four off schedule. While I had a lot more days off back then, I found myself at home and browsing Instagram and my favorite shops constantly. I did a lot of shopping and you would think that not being able to visit stores would prevent doing that, but oh man, over the last few months it has certainly gotten done.

Makeup, masks, knick-knacks… I didn’t discriminate. Because so many of these things are less than a month old, I’m really hoping I love them (or can get my money’s worth from them) in the long run!

This year, like every year for the last who knows how many years, I set a reading goal for myself. Twelve books. One for each month and I figured a good way to get an eclectic selection of books I hadn’t started in the past or even heard of for that matter would be to join a book subscription service. Enter Book of the Month! I did well… for three months. I’m still working on the April book and have the rest of the months to catch up on. So I am hoping I can get through the four I haven’t started this month. You know your girl has a referral link too, so if you’ve been thinking about joining here you go! It’ll get me another book to add to my shelf!

Covid has rocked all of our worlds, but one positive that I feel has come out of it is the global push to wear masks. Mask wearing in some countries was already a thing for various reasons and I really do hope that it remains a norm here in the US. Over the last six months, I have amassed quite the mask wardrobe and my most… indulgent mask addition was this recycled Gucci X Disney mask from Sabrina’s Closet. I missed out on most of the Gucci Disney collaboration, mainly because I wanted to see it in person, but we don’t have a Gucci store in NC so it just didn’t happen. One of my favorite Instagrammers posted this mask and I had to have it. I’m honestly surprised it took me as long as it did to cave in and buy it, but now I need to actually wear it.

We had a set of Le Creuset pots when I was growing up and those things took every bit of abuse I threw at them (sorry, mom). I’ve always loved Le Crueset cookware, but I hesitated to actually purchase anything. Well, I caught an amazing sale at William Sonoma around my anniversary so I jumped on it (and a Nespresso machine that we love so much). This teal color, called Caribbean, is to die for and truly looks like the water Portside on the Bahamas stop of your favorite cruise. So far, I’ve used it twice and it was great both times. It transitions seamlessly from the stove top to the oven and the 3.5 quart size is perfect when cooking for two. Lucky for you, they’re on sale again! So if you’ve been eyeing a dutch oven, might as well go for it in time to make all of the stews and soups.

I certainly wouldn’t consider myself a beauty influencer, but I would like to think I have a little more makeup experience than your average person. At least I did three years ago when I worked at my local Sephora. Even with the full face of makeup I did for that period I never mastered false lashes. And that has not changed. I can’t put on a falsie to save my life, but I want to. I feel like even the most basic looks are elevated with lashes and they’re great for hiding… not so great eye looks. I got some cheap lashes off of YesStyle and some clear glue from Sephora, so we’ll see how this goes.

I found Neou through an ad on Pinterest and have it downloaded on my phone, iPad, and Apple TV. Basically, it’s like if you had access to every popular non-gym exercise studio in one place… in your own home. The available programs are live and can also be accessed on demand as well and the classes range from Barre fitness, to yoga, to hip hop, to Bollywood, it’s like everything you could ever want if you need fitness to be fun. I was an active user back last summer, but of course, I fell off my schedule and got out of the routine. I don’t really get a lot of excercise and typical gyms and workouts really don’t keep my attention. And, it’s not like I could go to a gym if I wanted to, so dancing at home is really the best option for me.

How has half a year of staying inside treated you? Surely I can’t be the only one who’s gone a bit overboard on the retail therapy. What are some of your recent purchases? I would love to hear about them and maybe add them to my to buy list!

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