Lux Wishlist: Q1 2018

Handbags have always had a soft spot in my heart. Sure, it’s a spot shared by shoes, makeup, and Star Wars, but it’s still a pretty significant part. I currently have a modest collection that is diverse and well loved and for a while, I hadn’t really given any additions a real thought.

And then I got bit by the bag bug.

My goal for the year is to add some more “unique” bags to my collection and while I’ve certainly got an entire list of dream bags (they’re all on my bag Pinterest board, by the way), these are my realistic options as of right now. I’ve started a lux savings account where a small portion of each paycheck is swept away into an account that I have to close if I want to withdraw any portion of it. I’m not worried about accessing the funds early, but they earn a little bit of interest and it’s fun to see the amount grow with each paycheck.

Work wear:

Workweek Chic
I first learned of Strathberry from one of the numerous bag collection videos I watched a few months ago on Youtube. I loved the bar that was featured in each bag’s design and the quality looked great even though it didn’t come with that designer price point attached. I’d already been eyeing a few different designs when Meghan Markle wore this beautiful tricolored Midi Tote to her first royal outing with Prince Harry in Nottingham and I fell in love. It would be the perfect work bag! Pair it with a simple outfit and these to die for Dior suede pumps and I would have a work wardrobe staple. (I’m also head over heels for these pumps and I’m trying to hunt them down as we speak.)


BASICally Me
When I’m not at work, I am usually dressed pretty simply. Jeans and a t-shirt are essentials for me because you can really play up the accessories without looking too overdone. Nothing would fit in better than a “basic” bag like the classic Louis Vuitton Speedy. If you speak with some bag enthusiasts, you’ll hear that the Speedy is one of the ultimate “basic girl” bags. Honestly, if that were the case, we could just throw in Chanel classic flaps and call it a day, but if it makes someone happy and feel good then what’s the harm? I’ll be as basic as possible and still look cute! As far as the canvas goes, I have no clue which I prefer, but I’d probably go for the Monogram or the Damier Azur before I reached for the Damier Ebene. Something about the chocolate brown handles makes it seem a little bit more formal to me and would be more fitting for something like the Favorite.

Date night:

Out 'n About
Ask my hubby and he’ll tell you that one of my favorite things to do besides sit around the house on my computer is going out to eat. The more sushi, the better! Getting all dressed up to go out is always fun, but with my current bag collection, I’m limited to one shoulder bag and it’s black. I love this Strathberry East/West Mini because it gives me Chanel flap vibes without the absolutely insane price tag. I seriously don’t know how people are still investing in those, but that’s a post for another day. It features a beautiful gold chain that can be worn as a single shoulder strap or doubled up for a shorter look. Strathberry offers a wide range of colors and even has a larger East/West if you need more room. Another shoe shout out is this M. Gemi Studenti heel in blush. They remind me so much of the Gucci mid-heel, only the M. Gemi version is a little bit higher and $500 cheaper. There are only four color options instead of Gucci’s six, but if you were in search of a dupe, they are spot on!
Of course, these are just the three bags that are on my “possible this year” list for now and I’m sure the list will change as the year goes one. I’m aiming to make my additions around November, so I will be sure to post about any new additions in the months leading up to then! Are there any bags that you all are currently eyeing or have recently added to your collections? Do you have any of the bags on my list? I would love to hear about them!
Indeed You Are Easy, Breezy, Beautiful: Covergirl Meets Star Wars


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