New Years Intentions

We’re well into 2017 and it’s time to make our New Year’s resolutions. Although, I’d much rather call them New Year’s intentions or suggestions because ‘resolutions’ sounds so… intimidating and carries a feeling of “I know I’m never going to do this. I’ll try for a week and give up.” 2015 I said I was for sure going to post more and we all know I didn’t do that and last year I didn’t even bother trying to come up with something to stick to, so I’m definitely not going to live up to any “resolutions,” but there are somethings I’d like to do to improve the way I’m living life. These suggestions for myself are what I really want to change about myself, but not because everyone else is doing them (Losing weight for a summer body… I’m looking at you), but because I think they would make life just that much more pleasant. 
One thing I think I lost when I moved away from Orlando and was no longer at Disney essentially everyday was the magic and fun of life. I feel like I spent the majority of last year just working and being at home. Even working for one of my favorite makeup stores didn’t being me the joy I thought it would (but let’s be real, can anything feel like Disney did?) and I was afraid I was never going to find that part of my life again. So this year, I want to seek out fun. We went to Raleigh for New Year’s and even visited our first drive-in theater and for the first time in a long time, I felt like me again. Just because I live in a small town doesn’t mean I have to resign myself to small town life. I want this year to be the baby steps for all of the amazing things I want to do in the future. 
When I was in middle and high school I was never without a journal. I loved writing and I always had a story in my head. Sure, it was all fan-fiction, but hey, it was something. In high school I took art classes and even through college I made sure I was keeping my creative mind ticking, but lately I’ve turned it on sleep mode. This year I want to be creative again. I want to get back to writing creatively (even if that means dusting off my old account), Youtubing again, and of course blogging. 
Like writing, reading was always a huge part of my life. When I was a kid and got in trouble, my parents would let me keep my tv and video games and take away my books as punishment. My sixth grade English teacher had a section of books just for me because I would go through the books we had to read for class so quickly and despite being loaded with homework form my classes in high school, I always found time to pleasure read and in recent years I’ve forgotten what that’s like. While I’d love to set a goal of 24 or more books a year, I’m going to start off small and attempt a book a month. With all the time and lack of homework, it really shouldn’t be a problem. 
My last and honestly most important is to get a bit healthier. Let’s be real, I would love to simply lose 25 pounds, but I know that it’s not that simple. The last two years have been very full of fast food and way too many dinners out and nights hanging out on the couch. That love weight has been hanging around and I’m sick of it! So, I want to drink more water, eat out less and make better choices when I do, and start working out again. Disney wasn’t just a bucket of fun, I had to do daily warm ups and make sure I was fit to be the best at my role and I want to get back to that me. Not only was I in shape, but I had more energy and was generally happier. 
Looking back at these, they sound a lot like resolutions, but I want to see them more as life improvements. None of them would really affect my life in any way if I did slack off and give up on them, but I think that if I stuck with them, I could look back on 2017 and be proud of myself!
Do you all have any New Year’s suggestions or intentions for the new year? I would love to hear about them and maybe even adopt some of them into my list!

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