Indeed You Are Easy, Breezy, Beautiful: Covergirl Meets Star Wars

I’d intended to wait to make this review post when I received the last of my order, but it’s taken a little longer than I thought, so I decided I’d go ahead with it since I have most of it in my possession. If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’ve surely heard about the franchise’s collaboration with Covergirl to release a line of limited edition make up for fans. When I found out, I knew I’d have to get my hands on it.

“Released” on Force Friday, September 4th, the line really just went on sale online. It was actually really hard to get ahold of the products from what I’ve seen. They weren’t actually released in stores and even now, almost a month later, I’ve only seen the mascaras.

The line itself is made up of:
– Two types of mascara — a waterproof “light side” mascara with five different phrases and a normal “dark side” mascara with five different phrases
– Six lipsticks — Nude, Gold, Lilac, Silver, Red, and Deep Purple
– Six nail polishes — 3 new colors that are limited edition and 3 colors that are already in CG’s permanent lineup. They are Nemesis, Speed of Light, Nuclear, Mutant, Red Revenge, and Fury

Unfortunately, there are no eyeshadows to accompany the line. I think it’s off that CG didn’t make a limited edition palette or release a few new shades to go with the looks that they put together for the collection. I think they would have sold really well.

Because the line seems to be rather difficult to find in stores, the best way to get your hands on it seems to be through the CG website. Although, once you place your items in the cart and proceed to checkout, it gives you the option of ordering through four different websites. Some of them have different items available and it’s almost a toss up when it comes to what you have to order from what site. It was much more complicated than it needed to be. I ordered all of mine through and found it was pretty straightforward. My nail polishes were on back order, but they eventually started shipping out.

I knew I didn’t want all of the collection, so I ordered one of each mascara, three of the polishes, and four of the lipstick. Let’s get into the review!


Both wands look the same
Dark side and Light side

Because I purchased my mascaras online, the phrases I received were totally random, but I ended up with two that I really liked. My Light side phrase was “may the force be with you,” and the Dark side was “indeed you are powerful.” 

The mascaras are the CG Super Sizer mascaras. The Light side mascara is waterproof, while the Dark side mascara is the typical Super Sizer formula. The only color they are available in is black.

It would have been cool if the Light side mascara was in blue, but I will wear the black without complaint.

After application
When wiped with a wet cloth
They both went on really well, I wasn’t really expecting anything out of the ordinary. When wiped, the waterproof (on the left) smeared, but remained on my lashes and the other just wiped off. 

Nail Polish

I was really excited about the colors I ordered, and a little disappointed when I received them and they didn’t have the Star Wars Force Awakens stamp on them. I’m on the fence with sending them back. Also, because they were on back order, I had to wait about two week after my initial order to receive them and they each shipped individually. I’m still waiting on the blue (Mutant) color. 
Nemesis – Deep red or ox blood color
Nuclear – Lime green color
Speed of Light – Grey with a hint of beige
Each color is beautiful! They only need two coats and they dry rather quickly. As I mentioned earlier, three of the colors are in the permanent line. I believe those colors are the three I ordered. 


The lipsticks come in six different shades, all at reasonable drug store prices. The colors are red, nude, deep purple, lilac, gold, and silver. I personally didn’t purchase the gold or silver as I couldn’t see them in my regular rotation.

Of the colors I did obtain, I am in love with nude and deep purple. They look amazing on and I feel like they wear well and fade gracefully. They aren’t so shimmery like the others and I know I will wear them frequently. I’m glad that the colors aren’t really limited edition because I can grab more of them if I feel the need. They’re extremely buildable so you can swipe a little on for a demure look or a couple of layers for a nice opaque color.

I’m not too in love with the red as it has some pretty sizable glitter chunks and that’s not really my thing. It also does that lip liner fading when you eat or drink anything, but I wasn’t expecting high quality from a $5 lipstick. Overall, I like the selection CG put out.

Here are photos of the lipsticks I ordered starting with lilac!

Well, that was my full review of the new Star Wars Covergirl line! I hope it was helpful! Let me know if you were able to get your hands on any or the products.

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